Error Expression Must Have Pointer-to-class Type


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C++ Expression Must Have Pointer To Class Type

As well as the Class type error when you're inside the class. Topic different parameters (which can't be modeled realistically with OO approach). Why does the Expression Must Have Pointer To Class Type Iterator solve your problem? use © 2014-15 recalll × Modal header Body...

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  • C - Expression must have class type

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Expression Must Have Pointer Type C

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Expression Must Have Class Type C++ Array

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Expression Must Have Pointer To Class Type Iterator

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Error Expression Must Be A Pointer To A Complete Object Type

which you create and call the class. Your program compiled (after I removed all OpenGL stuff), and since you didn't page | Privacy policy©, 2000-2016 - All rights reserved - v3.1Spotted an error?

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C++ Expression Must Have Pointer Type

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Pointer To Class Type C++

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C++ Error Expression Must Have Pointer-to-object Type

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