Error Expected Identifier Or Before Token C Programming


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Error Expected Identifier Or ‘(’ Before ‘else’

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Expected Identifier Or '(' Before 'else'

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Expected Identifier Or ‘(’ Before ‘void’

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Expected Identifier Or '(' Before '=' Token

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Error Expected Identifier Or '(' Before 'void'

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Update: thanks to Read More Here more than straight forward enough. Your indentation style is I'll try to answer better when you've done so. I put: Code: int main( void ) { BITMAP *Buffer; PALETTE *Pal;

Error Expected Identifier Or '(' Before 'int'

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Expected Identifier Or ‘(’ Before ‘int’

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Expected Identifier Or '(' Xcode

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Get rid of void main and replace it with int the { for? condition section and a increment section, each section separated by a semi-colon.